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Welcome to Guilty of Destruction

Who: We are Guilty of Destruction, .GoD|

What: We are a group of gamers, guys and girls, that work as a team. We play in a variety of multi-player games, chances are we are playing the same game as you.

When: We started in 2005, in the United States, Playing America's Army.

Where: Anywhere; if you can speak english it really doesn't matter what side of the world you come from. Currently we have members in the USA, Canada, and Turkey.

Why: After a hard days work, a long day at school, or just for the hell of it; do you want to get online and game with people? Whether it's blowing someone's face off in an FPS or playing an RPG, you just want to have some fun right? Well that's why we created this team.

Intrested in trying us out? Well here are our requirements before you can be considered a member:

  • Be mature
  • Be a legit player, non-cheater (We run anti-cheat checks on all members)
  • Have Ventrilo or TeamSpeak
  • Speak English (primary or secondary language)
  • Be a team player

If you meet the above requirements then head over to our recruitment section and fill out an application.

Find us on Steam:

Like us on Facebook:

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